Compensate your journey’s carbon footprint by supporting the most impactful climate projects around the world.

Make caring for the planet

a part of your journey

Our members love to travel, but they know it has an impact on the planet. Bidroom has teamed up with climate-tech company CHOOOSE™ to make travel offsetting available for our members. We ensure your offset gets invested into the most impactful climate projects around the world.


Calculate your journey’s carbon footprint by entering the distance, or fill in your departure and destination information. (A short, 2h flight will have an offset amounting to less than 2 EUR.)


Add the amount to your cart to make your offset. CHOOOSE guarantees that your payment supports certified carbon reduction projects that actively combat climate change.


Make your eco-conscious travel efforts official. You’ll receive a certificate recognising that you’ve accounted for your journey's carbon emissions.


“The type of offsetting projects that is socialising and promoting represents the best standards of international emission reductions available today.”

Niclas Svenningsen

Manager, Global Climate Action at UNFCCC

Your travel

footprint matters

There’s no way around it—travelling has an impact on climate. But we can continue to travel responsibly by minimising our climate impact when we explore the world. At Bidroom, we believe we can pay it back by paying it forward. CHOOOSE makes it simple for travellers to address your unavoidable climate footprint by offsetting the amount of your journey to a verified organisation working towards making our impact a positive one.

In a few simple steps, you can ensure that your journey's carbon emissions are compensated for and put towards some of the best climate projects around the world. With CHOOOSE's footprint calculator, you can calculate and pay for the CO2 emissions you are responsible for during your journey. Your contribution goes directly towards supporting climate projects and C02-reducing initiatives that have been verified by the most comprehensive and stringent international standards.

At Bidroom, we strive not only to cultivate an ecosystem of fairness, but also responsibility in travel. We value and promote sustainability in our conscious community of travel lovers, hoteliers, and partners who are all committed to leading a more eco-friendly lifestyle, in their travels or right at home.”

Michael Ros

CEO at Bidroom

How carbon

offsetting works

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide you are responsible for releasing into the atmosphere. By offsetting the unavoidable carbon footprint of your travel, you actively support clean development projects with demonstrable climate impact.

1. Calculate your travel emissions

Use the footprint calculator to address the emissions of your journey.

2. Offset your travel emissions

Support carbon-reducing climate projects verified by the highest international standards.

3. Become a climate-conscious traveller

Receive recognition that you have accounted for the carbon footprint of your trip.


CHOOOSE™ delivers a platform that enables individuals and organizations to connect with the best climate projects around the world. Through its API for climate impact, CHOOOSE programmatically calculates your travel footprint and provides you with the option to seamlessly offset your journey. CHOOOSE administers all corresponding carbon offsets on behalf of Bidroom and its members.

The money from your offset is being invested in climate projects by buying carbon credits on your behalf. More simply put, you financially support projects which reduce greenhouse gas emissions (including CO2) around the world. These projects are carefuly selected by an international carbon advisory team, verified by third-party auditors (e.g. DNV GL) and certified by recognized certification standards (e.g. United Nations)

Carbon offsetting FAQ

Spread the word

Share your initiative and make a difference by informing other travellers on the importance of offsetting.

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